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Consultants have specific insurance needs, and we pair them up with insurance providers who know exactly what consultants need.






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Take Charge Of Your Consulting Business

Most consulting practices can be classified as small to medium businesses. Often times, just one key decision-maker is responsible for making sure all administrative tasks are taken care of. 

We remember what it was like to start out small – things can get really busy. You are taking care of many complex problems already, so we do everything we can to simplify insurance for you. That’s one less problem on your plate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does ‘Xpert Consultant Insurance’ cover insurance claims?2019-05-21T18:29:03+00:00

Insurance claims can only be covered by the insurance company who issues your policy. Since we are a referral partner and not an insurance company, we do not cover claims.

Does ‘Xpert Consultant Insurance’ provide advice related to insurance policies?2019-05-27T14:46:40+00:00

No, because we are neither an insurance company nor an insurance broker, we cannot legally provide you with any insurance related advice. Always make sure that you take advice from a licensed insurance professional.

How does ‘Xpert Consultant Insurance’ make money?2019-05-28T18:54:31+00:00

We get paid for referring clients to online insurance brokers. That being said, we only work with insurance brokers who can strictly uphold the highest quality of service.

Is ‘Xpert Consultant Insurance’ an insurance company?2019-05-23T20:24:08+00:00

No, we are not an insurance provider or broker. We simply connect consultants to the best suited online broker. Currently, we are partnered with Zensurance and use their quoting engine to provide you the best insurance premiums.

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