Consultants Need Business Insurance

Business insurance is an umbrella term that refers to all the insurance policies that a consulting business is protected by. A business insurance policy is important for consultants to protect their business from the different risks they face – claims of injuries or property damage to third parties, errors and omissions in services that lead to financial loss for clients, and cybersecurity breaches that compromise internal and third-party information. Here are some real-life examples of situations where business insurance may protect a business:

Bad advice

A marketing consultant advises his client to launch a new line of cosmetic products to match changing industry trends. The client creates a new production line, only to find out that there is no demand for the product.

Personal injury

During a negotiation meeting at the consultant’s office, a client trips over some papers on the floor and injures his head, causing him to be hospitalized. A personal injury claim is filed against the consulting business.

Legal counsel

Due to a business contract dispute with a client, a consultant is in need of legal counsel to determine whether or not he should file a lawsuit against his client for breach of contract.

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What’s The Fastest Way To Get Business Insurance?

Business insurance is crucial to protect a consulting business but unfortunately, the traditional way of purchasing insurance is a deterrent for many consultants. Nobody enjoys dealing with the bureaucracy that comes with traditional insurance brokerages and companies.

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Starting your own business can be a daunting task. Getting your insurance out of the way early on means you are moving in the right direction. We wish you the best of luck for running and growing your business.

Here’s a complementary video with some useful tips on how to win more clients. Grow your business by signing up more clients, and protect it with insurance.

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