Consultants Need Errors And Omissions Insurance

Why is Errors and Omissions Insurance the most popular policy among consultants? As a consultant, you help your clients by providing a service or giving advice, but mistakes can happen. Errors and omissions in your service can be costly for your clients and they may pursue legal action. Here are some scenarios where errors and omissions insurance might protect consultants:

Missed Deadline

An immigration consultant is hired to submit a client’s permanent residency application, but Immigration Services doesn’t receive it in time. Client sues the consultant for negligence.


An HR consultant refers an applicant who is hired but is later found to have lied about his previous job experiences. The client sues the HR consultant for failing to perform a thorough background check.

Incorrect advice

A consultant advises her client to launch a new line of lipsticks, based on changing consumer demand. The client sets up a production line but it turns out that there is little demand for the product.

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What’s The Fastest Way To Get E&O Insurance?

One of the biggest struggles with obtaining an errors and omissions (E&O) insurance policy is the amount of time it takes. Traditionally, the process always required a lot of back and forth between brokers and consultants over the phone, and days of processing and bureaucracy.

Not anymore, though. You can get your errors and omissions insurance policy in as fast as one day by requesting an online quote from Xpert Consultant Insurance. It’s the best way to eliminate slow (and expensive) administrative tasks. Start filing an online quote now by clicking on the button below.

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Starting your own business can be a daunting task. Getting your insurance out of the way early on means you are moving in the right direction. We wish you the best of luck for running and growing your business.

Here’s a complementary video with some useful tips on how to win more clients. Grow your business by signing up more clients, and protect it with insurance.

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