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Consultants Need Cyber Liability Insurance

Why is Cyber Liability Insurance important for consultants? According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, if you maintain electronic data related to customers, a breach of systems containing personal/commercial information can be complicated and costly for you. A cyber insurance policy may protect you in cases related to a cybersecurity breach. Here are some scenarios where consultants would need cyber liability coverage:

Notification costs

Hackers break into your system and steal client information, and now you are legally obligated to notify each and every registered client about the breach by mail.

Crisis management

Your business reputation has been affected due to a recent cyber breach, and you require professional marketing and PR consultation to recover from the setback.


Hackers breach your cyber security and make your data inaccessible to you unless you pay them a ransom (very common in 2019).

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What’s The Fastest Way To Get Cyber Liability Insurance?

Obtaining a cyber liability insurance policy from a traditional brokerage requires a lot of time. There are just way too many administrative processes involved and dealing with brokers over the phone can be time-consuming.

With Xpert Consultant Insurance’s online platform, you can get your cyber liability insurance policy much faster. It’s the best way to eliminate slow (and expensive) administrative tasks and get your policy for a cheaper price. Start filing an online quote now by clicking on the button below.

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Best Cyber Liability Insurance
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Launch Your Consulting Career To Success

Starting your own business can be a daunting task. Getting your insurance out of the way early on means you are moving in the right direction. We wish you the best of luck for running and growing your business.

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